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This project was built using cloud technologies.

On the front end it's using the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. It's easy and simple to use and surely removed much of the design work needed for the initial development.

On the server side, the solution was to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk, running on Tomcat 8 Java application severs and using MongoDB as the persistent layer.

Telecommunication services are provided via Twilio

Powered by AWS Beanstalk     Powered by Google App Engine

Known Issues

- Device Timeout: Google Clould Messaging sometimes can delay message delivery resulting in timeouts. Click here for more info
  *If you are experiencing these kind of issues you can always download GCM Wifi Fix App from Google Play Store

- Audio quality might suffer some hiccups depending on the network although Twilio is rolling out support for Global Network Traversal Service - "Low-latency, cost-effective, reliable STUN and TURN capabilities distributed across five continents"

- Incoming calls and voicemails might not recognize the caller id due to limitations of the operator or the twilio service. This means that some incoming calls will be coming from a blocked number! (Work in progress)

- When forwarding calls, some operators do not provide Twilio the whole information about the call including which number is forwarding the call (ForwardedFrom). If this happens with your operator you cannot use this service to receive incoming calls.

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All Macbook pro

Yelo Tablet

Yelo Smartphone

Android Application Permissions Explained

Yelo Phone requires a fairly large amount of permissions to the user, and this is why the application needs it:

CALL_PHONE - Access Call Forwarding functionality

C2D_MESSAGE - Google Cloud Messaging

INTERNET - Full Internet Access to communicate to server

MANAGE_ACCOUNTS - Create Google account if necessary

GET_ACCOUNTS - Access Google accounts

USE_CREDENTIALS - Use Google account credentials to identify user

READ_CONTACTS - Access Address Book

WRITE_CONTACTS - Set Favorites / add Test Voicemail contact



WAKE_LOCK - Keep phone awake

READ_CALL_LOG - Access call Log

WRITE_CALL_LOG - Update call Log

READ_PHONE_STATE - Incoming call notifications

MODIFY_PHONE_STATE - Auto reject calls when roaming

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Access current location of device

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Access current wifi state (on/off)

CHANGE_WIFI_STATE - Change current wifi state (on/off)

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Access current mobile network state (on/off)

CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - Change current mobile network state (on/off)

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Start application after reboot (configurable)

VIBRATE - Vibrate on incoming calls

RECORD_AUDIO - necessary to make calls, record voicemail greetingsq

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - necessary to mute and put speakers on

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Cache and tsemporary storage for downloaded files

ADD_VOICEMAIL - Add new voicemails

AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS - Create Yelo accout on device


WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - Update Sync properties

BILLING - In-app Purchases