Is it safe to use Yelo?


There's no personal information or messages being stored server-side. You don't have to provide any kind of username or password since authentication is delegated to 3rd party entities like Google or Facebook.

When using public computers don't forget to logout properly (also logout from Facebook or Google) and it might not be a good idea to store messages and contacts but for private computers, turning it on is recommended for better performance.

In what countries does Yelo work?

There isn't a straightforward answer to this question.
Email and Facebook notifications of incoming calls and SMS should work everywhere.
Making calls should also work from almost all countries.
The call forwarding functionality is the tricky part!

For call forwarding to work there are two factors that have to be taken into account.

1. Twilio needs to have numbers available in your countries. Check here
2. Operators must provide critical call data for call forwarding to work

This second part is the most tricky. What happens is that Twilio relies on the SIP Diversion Header and some operators are not compliant and when that happens, we can't provide this functionality.

For our experience, most operators from UK, Romania, Hong-Kong, Latvia, Brazil, Greece, New Zeeland, Ireland, Germany, Bahrain, and France are NOT compliant and call forwarding won't work.
On the other hand, most operators DO work in countries like US, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Czech Republic. On others like Mexico or Australia it depends on the operator.

On case your operator doesn't work out of-the-box you need to your orn own number and setup call forwarding to your number. This way we don't have to rely on the operators because we know that the number belongs to you :)

We are constantly updating this list as we get more feedback from our users.

Is data encrypted?


All server communication uses SSL encryption from the phone and browser

I have an iPhone, can I use Yelo?


Actually Yelo Phone works with any phone, even with your landline phone.
Android users can answer Yelo calls and access voicemail via the Android App but any user can do the same via the website. For iOS (and other non-Android ) users the setup needs to be done manually (see instructions) but most of the functionality in the Android app is available also in the web app. So when call forwarding is enabled you can answer your calls on Yelo via the website.

Do I need to give away my mobile number?


You don't need to provide your mobile number to use Yelo but you must do so if you want to forward your calls to Yelo, use Voicemail, make Yelo 2 Yelo calls or if you want to make calls with Yelo using your number. For these functionalities you need verify your number.

Do I need to have an Android phone to forward calls to Yelo?


If you want to redirect your calls to Yelo you can use any phone as long as your operator supports call forwarding (mobile or land line) and you can set it up manually. You can access your voicemails and receive calls straight from your browser. For more information you can go to the setup page

Can I make calls using my mobile number?


But to be able to make calls using your own number it's required to verify that you actually own your number.
The verification process needs to be started by the user. Once the user requests to verify the number the system will call the number and the user will have to type a code shown on the screen.
If the verification is successful all outgoing calls made by Yelo will use your own number and whoever the user calls will know who is calling even though you are calling from a tablet or browser.

We make sure that your number is safe with us and we will not sell any of your private information or SPAM you with unsolicited messages.

Can I receive calls on my tablet or browser?


When voicemail is activated and you can't answer a call on your phone Yelo will transfer the call from your phone to a tablet or browser. Only then, if the call is not answer it goes to voicemail.
To activate voicemail you need to activate call forwarding but it depends if your operator or if your mobile subscription plan allows to activate call forwarding from the phone. To activate call forwarding go to setup page.

Charges apply for your operator. Please check the call forwarding conditions with your operator.

Experimental It's also possible to define which call forwarding codes to use for activation and deactivation. By default Yelo uses the code for unconditional call forwarding (**004*) on GSM networks

Why do I always get Connection timeout messages?

Some wifi routers/hubs experience issues with GCM which is the mechanism used to communicate between the servers and the mobile devices.
If you're using wifi as the source of your connection you might be experiencing this issue. This is not so common over 3G or mobile connections. Click here for more info
If you are experiencing these kind of issues you can always download GCM Wifi Fix App from Google Play Store

If your device is turn off or offline without internet connection you will also experience this behavior

Why do I see this on my screen?

Twilio WebRTC

For the latest Chrome browsers Twilio uses WebRTC as the communications protocol for VoIP calls. This dialog popup up when Chrome requests permissions to use the microphone as an input source when making calls. For your convenience we advise you to always allow access to the microphone so that you don't have to do this every time you make or receive a call.

Twilio Setup

If your browser does not support WebRTC then it's very likely that Twilio will use the flash plugin for VOIP calls and this is how it looks like
It's required to setup the flash permissions in order to make calls so you should allow the microphone access.
If you choose to remember the settings you will never have to do it again.

I forgot my phone before installing the application can I still use Yelo?

I'm afraid that in this scenario there's not much it can be done. There's no way to run any application on Android after installation without the user interaction. If there's someone one that can install and run the application for you, then you can still use the application

Why do I get incoming calls and voicemails from +266696687, +7378742833, +8656696 or +266696687?

This usually happens when operators do not provide caller id information when forwarding a call to a number. When this happens operators usually provide these numbers that mean:

266696687 = ANONYMOUS
7378742833 = RESTRICTED
2562533 = BLOCKED
8656696 = UNKNOWN

How much does it cost to send SMS?

SMS are sent through your device so it's just like if you are sending an SMS yourself meaning that SMS costs will depend on your current plan.

Sometimes I can't disconnect a call, what can I do?

This is something that we know it happens but seems to be related with the browser.
Please restarting the browser and try again.

What is the difference between Host mode and Client mode?

On Android devices you can run the application is different modes, Host and Client.

Host mode should be used on your smartphone. If you use Yelo on two different Android smartphones with different numbers you should run in Host mode on both devices.

Client Mode is supposed to be used on devices that are not your primary device. So you can run Yelo in client mode on an Android tablet or another smartphone. Imagine this scenario where you've setup your primary device in Host mode. If you lost your phone or ran out of battery you can login on your tablet or on the smartphone of a friend and still receive your calls on this device. Same thing happens if you login on a browser which runs by definition in Client Mode.

In what countries can I use Yelo call forwarding features?

Forwarding calls to Yelo Voicemail might not be supported in your country. Go to the pricing page and check if your country has the possibility to buy numbers

In what countries can I call using Yelo?

In general you can use Yelo to call in any country but it might not be possible to make calls to certain countries.
Forwarding calls to browser might not supported in all countries, check here

I can't login what shall I do?

- Make sure you go through these steps.
- Enable 3rd party cookies in your browser
- Clear the cache and/or cookies and then reload the login page